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San Diego Ambulance Services (SDAS) was founded on the need for change in ambulance services in San Diego. San Diego Ambulance Services' business model reflects the mindset of patients and their families. San Diego Ambulance Services prides itself on having 30 years of customer service experience, a background in the fire service, over ten years of EMT fieldwork and over six years of hospital emergency room/trauma experience. It's this foundational understanding that allows us to put ourselves in your shoes and strive to make your ambulance transport experience simple, dependable and affordable. 

San Diego Ambulance Services seeks to change the culture associated with EMTs; no longer should the position be seen as a stepping-stone job and be treated as such. San Diego Ambulance Services values the sacrifices made by our EMS community and seeks to reward their hard work and commitment to saving lives. San Diego Ambulance Services is ready to be the leading EMT employer in San Diego. 

If you are looking to place your patients with a company as devoted to their well-being as you, then choose San Diego Ambulance Services.

We will earn your trust as we live out our core values: dependability, availability, innovation, and family atmosphere.


To offer the highest level of care in the field of medical transport. Our Employee empowerment model aims to elevate patient care standards and drive positive change in ambulance services in San Diego County, setting the standard for all patients and health care professionals seeking our services.


To become San Diego’s most trusted, most loved, and most valued ambulance transportation provider.


  • Dependable

  • Available

  • Innovative

  • Family

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